Mr. Eric Rattan
Eric Rattan

Mr. Rattan's mosaic teaching workshops have taken him to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Bailey Island, ME (permanent school), Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Arlington, VA, Helena, MT, Portland, Madison, WI, Orlando, FL, Rockport, MA and Melbourne, Australia.

Most of Mr. Rattan's work is sold through his Santa Fe Design Studio in Detroit, Michigan. He also sells through hand made tile stores throughout the United States. Custom mosaic commissions are welcome. Santa Fe Design Studio will install his handmade ceramic tiles and mosaics on location, anywhere.

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About Artist

Eric began his career as a mosaicist 30 years ago as an apprentice to Italian stonemason and mosaicist, Giuseppe Gambino in Boston, MA. Mr. Gambino, then 80, offered a wealth of Old World mosaic knowledge in exchange for a paint job on his house. He was negotiating mosaics, not ladders, at that age!

Working in stone was followed by study of ceramics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mudflats of Cambridge, MA and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. At UW Mr. Rattan studied ceramics with Mr. Don Reitz and Mr. Bruce Breckenridge. This led to making handmade tile, sink basins, wall sconces, wall murals and other architecturally related ceramic art.

Study of ceramics was followed by ten years of design and construction of adobe homes in Santa Fe, NM. Custom doors and mosaics have always been a signature of Mr. Rattan’s residential and commercial building designs.

Mr. Rattan's architectural artwork in stone, ceramic and glass has been installed as public art and in private collections at home and abroad.  His teaching workshops have been conducted nationwide as well as in Spain, Mexico, Canada and Australia.  He is bilingual in English and Spanish and lectures in either or both languages.


  • Porter Butts Gallery,
    University of WI, Madison
  • Ciel D'Or gallery,
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Taos Artisan Gallery,
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Lighthouse Gallery,
    Sedona, Arizona
  • Santa Fe Design Gallery,
    Dixon, New Mexico
  • Peeling Ceiling Gallery,
    Stoughton, Wisconsin
  • Tile Art,
    Madison, Wisconsin
  • Fountain Street Gallery,
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Port America,
    Westport, Connecticut
  • Murphy Gallery,
    College of Saint Catherine,
    St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Gage Family Art Gallery,
    Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Gallery 360,
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Santa Fe Design Studio Gallery
    Madison, WI


  • Art Museum of the Americas,
    Washington, D.C.
  • Stanback Museum,
    Orangeburg, South Carolina
  • Taliesin,
    Spring Green, Wisconsin
  • Museum of Man
    San Diego CA
  • Overture Center Museum
    Madison, WI





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