Artist Eric Rattan

Fallen Leaves Fireplace

Fallen Leaves Fireplace

Recent Awards for Stone Mosaic and Handmade Ceramic Tile Mosaic

  • Reproduction Tile 1890-1930
    Spectrum International Award for Tile Design and Detail 2008
    Eric Rattan won the Spectrum Tile design and detail award for his 8000 piece bedroom reproduction floor tile and custom closet surround border American Summer

  • Summer Carpet
    Spectrum International Award of Merit 2005
    The custom mosaic commission of approximately nine feet by five feet is surrounded by an off-white travertine stone tile in a penthouse condominium foyer. Three grout colors were selected to enhance the carpet-like shape and border definition. The fourth choice, black grout surrounded by black tessarae in the center, provides the richness and refinement necessary to complement the clientís interior d'Ècor. American walnut, linoleum and clay molds were carved to render 1,700 hand pressed low-relief, floor tiles. The tiles were bisque-fired. After cooling, glazes were hand brushed for a second firing at 2,200 degrees. The 2,000+ grout joints where two colors meet were individually masked and thus offer clean and crisp lines.

  • Fallen Leaves
    Spectrum International Award, 2004
    Mr. Rattan was awarded First Place for his residential commission Fallen Leaves at COVERINGS, Orlando, FL. The Spectrum International Awards honor outstanding achievement in the creative use of ceramic tile. The Minneapolis commission was also honored by playing an integral role in the home's First Place finish for remodels over $1,000,000 in cost presented by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

  • Crane Dreams
    Prism International Award, 2003
    Mr. Rattan was the recipient of the 2003 Prism International Natural Stone Design Competition Residential Award of Merit for his stone mosaic Crane Dreams. The award was presented at COVERINGS, the world's largest annual stone exposition in Orlando, FL.

  • Marsh Reeds and Cattails
    America's Top 50 Kitchens, 2003
    Mr. Rattan's Loons, Marsh Reeds and Cattails stone mosaic was published in the Subzero's America's Top Fifty Kitchens (spring, 2003)-see Woodfellows/Meanwell kitchen.

  • Autumn Color III
    Tile Heritage Foundation Award, 2001-2002
    The Tile Heritage award was presented to Eric Rattan at a Tile Heritage Foundation/Smithsonian Renwick Gallery exhibit at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC . Mr. Rattan was the recipient of the award for his 1000 piece ceramic tile mosaic faux carpet Autumn Color III. Ms. Bonnie Lilienfield (ceramics and glass specialist at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution) writes the following regarding Mr. Rattan's work:

    "The Tile Heritage Prize is awarded to the tile or clay piece that 'best reflects the ceramic traditions of America.' This wonderful tile carpet, composed of 1000 handmade stoneware tiles with five color grouting, carries on the tradition of the Malibu Tile carpets and incorporates the flora of the American landscape. It's monumental, it's traditional with a twist, and it's beautiful!"

  • Born To Dance
    Magnus Gold Award
    This tryptich loosely portrays some of the teachings of Paracelsus, a
    sixteenth century alchemist, philosopher, mystic, astronomer and
    physician. The mosaic also reflects the commonality and potentiality of
    the components in our universe. In this case, what comes out of the
    ground, closely relates to our above ground earthly environs and to
    what we see in the sky. The sylph, the salamander, the nymph and the
    gnome were imaginary beings inhabiting the four elements once believed to make up the physical world.





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