Mr. Eric Rattan
Eric Rattan
Most of Mr. Rattan's work is sold through his Santa Fe Design Studio in Madison, Wisconsin. He also sells through hand made tile stores throughout the United States. Custom mosaic commissions are welcome. Santa Fe Design Studio will install his handmade ceramic tiles and mosaics on location, anywhere.

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You can reach us by phone or contact form, see below. We welcome any calls, questions, inquiries, opinions or any other reason you may have to talk to us about handmade tile and stone mosaics. Stone work is our passion and we love to talk about it.  See custom work information below the contact form.

Call us at (608) 609-7949.  Or email:
eric at santafedesignstudio dot com
Gallery hours are by appointment only

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Ceramic tile prices include delivery to store in 4 to 6 weeks from the time of order. Prices for stone, wall sconces and sinks do not include shipping.

Prices for all items do not include installation and are subject to change.

Fifty percent payment is due by the production date. The fifty percent balance is due within five working days of receiving the order.

When we receive your order we will send you a written confirmation of your order and a production date. We are a small artisan run studio and cannot operate with delayed payments.

All items in the Santa Fe Design Studio collection are handcrafted and signed. Handmade tiles often show some warpage, size variation and glaze variation from one fireing to another. Unglazed and oxide-enhanced tiles are not sealed.


Santa Fe Design Studio welcomes custom commissions for stone mosaics and will install everything we make, anywhere.

One difficult hurdle has to be jumped at the beginning of most of my custom commissions;

The client requests a theme or subject, if they have one in mind. They are offered a choice of tesserae that are compatible with the furniture and other architectural appointments.

Depending on the size of the commission, 300 to 2000 stones are washed and sealed then scattered at random about the room. It is a challenging process to explain that the picture is already painted on the rocks; creative selection will allow the picture to develop and reveal itself, piece by piece.

It involves watching and listening so that the stones can guide the picture along using the artists hand and eye to audition each stone and execute an image that is preconceived but not completely finished or assembled.

No preliminary sketches are made or offered.



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