Autumn Color III

Faux Carpet Autumn Color III
Most of Mr. Rattan's work is sold through his Santa Fe Design Studio in Madison, Wisconsin. He also sells through hand made tile stores throughout the United States. Custom mosaic commissions are welcome. Santa Fe Design Studio will install his handmade ceramic tiles and mosaics on location, anywhere.

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This site features the work of world renowned mosaic artist and teacher, Eric Rattan. Eric's passion and fascination with Nature's raw materials make his work truly unique.  His art reveals great depth of knowledge, attention to detail and a consummate eye for beauty.

See Mr. Rattan's latest work: Rico's Cajun Crepe, or take a Santa Fe Design Studio Gallery Tour.

 Rico's Cajun Crepes 

Mr. Rattan wishes to acknowledge the assistance of many apprentices over the years. Some of the works on this web site reflect the invaluable talents of mosaicist and artist, Lee Hendrickson, a one-time apprentice, now artist extraordinaire.Lee Hendrickson

Regarding his faux carpet, Autumn Color III, (see left) Ms. Bonnie Lilienfield (ceramics and glass specialist at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution) writes the following regarding Mr. Rattan's work:

"The Tile Heritage Prize is awarded to the tile or clay piece that 'best reflects the ceramic traditions of America.' This wonderful tile carpet, composed of 1000 handmade stoneware tiles with five color grouting, carries on the tradition of the Malibu Tile carpets and incorporates the flora of the American landscape. It's monumental, it's traditional with a twist, and it's beautiful!"

Our entry page shows award winning fireplaces Crane Dreams, and Fallen Leaves a Spectrum International Residential First Place award winner.

Why do we love mosaics? Like paintings, mosaics tell a story and are an enduring art form. In our homes, they instantly transform a space, imparting beauty and elegance.

Using his own unique techniques and style, Eric Rattan takes present day tile and mosaic work to another level. He creates custom handmade tile and stone mosaics that are truly stunning. 

Crestwood mural closeup

Close-up of Crestwood Neighborhood Mural


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