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Mr. Rattan was the recipient of the 2003 Prism International Natural Stone Design Competition Award of Merit for his stone mosaic fireplace Crane Dreams. The award was presented at COVERINGS, the world's largest annual stone exposition in Orlando, FL.

This piece was commissioned as public art by the American Players Theater Director, Spring Green, WI. The fireplace was installed at the ‘500 Club’ Fund-raising dining room. It is in view of the banquet table which accommodates 45 patrons who attend catered dinners as a way to support the theater.

CRANE DREAMS was created from Indian, Chinese, Brazilian and Pennsylvanian slates.CRANE DREAMS is a stone mosaic fireplace commissioned by the executive director of American Players Theater, a company devoted to the staging of Shakespearean plays, in Spring Green, Wisconsin and his spouse the owner and lead instructor at the Wisconsin Ballet Academy. I provide this brief background sketch because it is integral to the performance art themes celebrated in the mosaic. The right side, with warm colors, and the andamento of the "floating" mosaic tesserae is meant to portray the ritual crane dance, somewhat of a "crane plie". The left side takes a more dramatic turn--perhaps an allusion to the Tempest? The effort to celebrate the owners' performance art achievements is represented in the horizontal andamento.

The vertical andamento turns the page to an environmental theme. Color choices and "night sky" images speak to the centuries old history of the venerable and beautiful bird and the threat of extinction due to destruction of wetland habitat. It is the vertical andamento that seeks to honor the founders of the International Crane Foundation, Mr. George Archibald and the late Mr. Ron Sauey. Crane Dreams is dedicated to Mr. Archibald and Mr. Sauey for their vision and relentless efforts to protect crane habitat and thus the survival of this magnificent bird.